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Spa in Markiz Hotel offers personel care of treatment with healing water. The water of Sirince comes from surrounding mountains and has healed people for centuries.

The Turkish Baths'water in Ephesus city which was for many years the second largest city of the Roman Empire has also come from the same sources.

We invite you to enjoy the Turkish Bath with water from natural springs that Carians, Leleges, Hellenes and Ancient Roman People have their baths for centuries...


The Turkish Bath (Hamam)

Our Hamam, designed as a classical small Turkish Bath, has a capacity for four people at the same time. Intensive warmth of the steam bath makes your skin pores open and you feel your skin breathe as the pores open up. The treatment by using a kese (an exfolioating glove made of goat hair) allows the skin to feel smoother.

After the exfoliation of dead skin cells, you can enjoy a foam soap Hamam massage. This results in revitalization, relaxation, and hence refreshed sleep.


The Sauna

Sauna has been designed for four people. The heat of the Sauna is between 60 and 90 degrees Centigrade. The fresh smell of cedarwood used in the Sauna and peppermint essence makes you feel refreshed. To get these benefits we recommend you to relax and breathe deeply while in the Sauna.

The reason you get refreshed during sauna session is due to the break up of toxins which get released, then the body becomes purified so it helps you to relieve your stress and other negative effects.


The Massage

You may receive below mentioned massages at Markiz Hotel, either in our massage room decorated specially for you or in the garden laying down on the netting massage bed especially designed for you , hearing sounds of birds in nature.


* Classical Massage

* Aromatheraphy Massage

* Reflexology Massage

* Anti-Stress Massage

* Regional Massage

* Lymph Drainage Massage

* Medical Massage

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